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Senior Fit and Exercise

Senior Fit: Safe, Healthy and Fun Exercise!

Senior Fit—Dave Sixel's  highly regarded senior fitness classes—can help you get and stay healthy by increasing your flexibility, strength and muscle endurance through exercise

We know that exercise for older people can help slow aging, prevent injury and help you to build a stronger body and a healthier mind.  Senior Fit is not just great recreation for seniors—it’s also a chance to socialize while getting fit.   And it’s a good option for people who exercise regularly, as well as the beginner who wants to exercise, but isn’t sure how to do it safely and effectively.

Senior Fit instructor Dave Sixel is a  fitness professional with national certification, special training and years of experience in physical activity for older people. The program is highly regarded nationwide—a National Council on Aging study found that participants significantly improve upper and lower extremity strength, increase flexibility, and improve bone health, stability and balance.  .